October 10 on 10

This month we finally moved! It has been a long two years, and the 1922 Craftsman we have been restoring isn’t done yet, but at least we get to live here now! Here is what a bit of our days look like around here now!

Thanks to everyone who came over from Annie’s blog! Make sure to continue around the circle and see what new amazing work Kristen Hallak has up!


10 on 10 July

This months 10 on 10 is a random assortment of memories from my family’s 4th of July weekend. We went to Six Flags and did lots of swimming!

Thanks for heading over from Alana Rasbach’s page; be sure to keep following the circle of amazing photographers by checking out Breanna Peterson’s 10 on 10!

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June 10 on 10

Summer has arrived! The evening I did my 10 on 10, we celebrated my sister’s birthday and played around in the backyard. So simple, but oh so wonderful.

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Jen and Zane Get Married!

You know that giddy butterfly feeling you get when you hear a song that knocks you off your feet? Between the instruments and the words, you have this explosion of feelings that well up inside you. If you’re like me, you may completely stop whatever you’re doing to take it all in (and have a good cry, whether it’s a happy song or a tragic one).

Well, when I put together these photo stories, that’s the feeling I get. It’s why I photograph people. Their lives, their stories, their moments are magical and I get to catch some of that for them. It’s the most amazing thing I get to do for other people. It’s kind of the most amazing thing I get to do for myself, too.

Check out the delightful Jen and Zane’s wedding day story! It’s a new favorite.

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March 10 on 10

Last week Lorelei and I went with some friends to a farm. She was very hesitant about the animals eating her, but by the end she wanted to sneak a goat home.

There is a ton of amazing artists who participate in this 10 on 10 project, and you can see their work by following the blog circle; starting with the fabulous Kristin Hallak!


February 10 on 10

This year, rather than take 10 photos from one day for my 10 on 10 project, I am taking 10 photos in a story. It could be 10 photos from a whole day, or it could be 10 photos from 10 minutes (like these!). I’m glad I shot these photos for a few reasons… One is because this was Keira’s first time doing the dishes and the other is because a while after this Lorelei feel and knocked a couple teeth loose. While I should have kept my cool, since I worked in a children’s dental office a lifetime ago, I instead freaked out and called the dentist in on a Sunday to do x-rays. I almost cried (for the hundredth time that day) when I realized I had no camera whatsoever to document Lorelei’s first dental x-ray.

Anyways, teeth are in place and 10 on 10 is done. Check out Breanna Peterson’s 10 on 10 post now!