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Monday, Aug 26, 2019 - Comments Off on Sacramento River Engagement Session | Ashley + Bradley

Sacramento River Engagement Session | Ashley + Bradley

Ashley and Bradley are getting married in October – the big day is just right around the corner for these two lovebirds. They are so adventurous and fun. I had no idea what I was getting into during my first conversation with them. But when we got to our riverside location, I was thrilled to learn that they wanted some bold, romantic photos. We had to play around with the positioning, angles, and logistics to get the right shots, but their go-with-the-flow attitudes were perfect for trying out new things. I had so much fun fulfilling their vision for such a unique engagement session!

Believe it or not, it was all Ashley's idea to get in the river for photos! Which may not surprise you when you see the pure elation and unadulterated joy on her face as she relished in this sweet, intimate moment with her handsome man.

Matching Ashley’s sweet spirit, Bradley loves accompanying Ashley on just about any adventure that tickles her fancy. He has an affinity for floral shirts, and I love that. Together, they are an unforgettable pair.

Before wading out into the water, we got several traditional engagement poses on the bank. The tranquil water trickled over the rocks, and green hills rolled across the backdrop. I can’t imagine a dreamier scene! Then, after adjusting to the chill, they waded out a little way into the water. At first, we were just shooting in the ankle-deep water, but then she surprised me and went out even farther, her beautiful dress flowing out behind her. I am in love with how these photos turned out!

If you’re needing some inspiration for an out-of-the-box engagement session, this is it!! A little bit spicy and completely stunning – an experience they’ll never regret and photos they’ll cherish forever! Here’s a little peek:

Sacramento River Engagement Sacramento River Engagement Sacramento River Engagement Sacramento River Engagement Sacramento River Engagement Sacramento River Engagement Sacramento River Engagement Sacramento River Engagement

Monday, Feb 4, 2019 - Comments Off on A Winter Picnic

A Winter Picnic

Meeting with Miranda and Kari for their engagement photo session was a delight! We started in their home, which they’d recently remodeled. I really enjoy this couple, who are parents to an adorable rescue puppy. They’re the kind of people who will post on social media that they’re handing out giant candy bars on Halloween and invite the entire neighborhood—super sweet, generous, and kind.
We started with photos in their bedroom, which allowed for an intimate and personal style. What I loved about this setting was being able to see Miranda and Kari in the space where they were the most comfortable. They might not have noticed it themselves, but in this particular setting, I could see it in their body language—their ease in the space, and their ease and familiarity with each other.
After getting some great shots of them in their home, we headed to the Davis Arboretum with a picnic lunch. Kari loves cooking and good food, so she made a charcuterie board. Miranda contributed gummi worms, which I thought was adorable. We went to the T. Elliot Weier Redwood Grove at the UC Davis Arboretum because redwoods are symbolic to the couple, as they spend a lot of time in the mountains with family.
They looked so sweet together. Miranda hates being photographed, which I’ve found is very common, but my approach highlights who the subject is as a person—I’m not looking for specific smiles or poses because I believe—and have witnessed—personality and character come out naturally and spontaneously when people relax and enjoy themselves.
Miranda brought a rose for Kari, and when they hugged, she surprised her with it. The moment was super romantic, and I’m thrilled to have caught it on camera.

Friday, Feb 1, 2019 - Comments Off on Frances and Michael

Frances and Michael

I had the absolute best time photographing Frances and Michael’s engagement shots! Their wedding will be on July 13th at the gorgeous Ardenwood Historic Farm. Frances, a landscape photographer, loves the animals and the lush greenery there.

Frances found me on The Knot and was drawn to my use of nature in my compositions. I was absolutely flattered to be her choice; it’s always an honor when a fellow photographer hires you!

The engagement session started in San Francisco with hair and make-up done by Vero Gersalia. We first visited the Legion of Honor for some formal photos. There were some interesting challenges involved in this site, because half of the building was covered in preparation for an upcoming visit, and also many other photographers were taking photos there.

A note to clients--don’t fret when unexpected things like this happen during a shoot! Professional photographers are aware of the challenges, and we are always prepared to handle them! While I chose my compositions and angles carefully to avoid eyesores like the building being covered up, I also used some Photoshop magic to remove the other patrons.

While walking back to the car, we discovered a beautiful grassy area with gorgeous filtered light. It provided an excellent background to some truly beautiful shots of Frances and Michael. Sometimes these unplanned stops are among my favorites!

Next, we headed to Baker Beach. This is another famous shooting location with tons of people, but again, I was ready with creative angles and compositions to minimize the distractions. It was a beautiful day out and the Golden Gate Bridge was prominent in the background.

Frances and Michael were fabulous sports, frolicking in the cold water. We got some epic shots of them in the ocean. Frances wore a gorgeous flower crown made by Sarah Larkin Design.

I’m always looking for something unique, though. In these areas, there are obvious shots, with the Golden Gate Bridge in the background, walking along the beach...but I wanted to find something different and unique for this couple. We moved to the opposite end of the beach and found some amazing rocky cliffs that offered a completely different look--algae and texture and dramatic lighting. These are truly not your grandma’s engagement photos, and they are all the more powerful for their vibrant, unique style.

Photographing Frances and Michael was truly a joy and an adventure, and I’m looking forward to their wedding in July!

Friday, Sep 28, 2018 - Comments Off on Krissy and Kyle – Engagement Photography

Krissy and Kyle – Engagement Photography

This week I was able to photograph Krissy and Kyle at the same place they went for their first date! How romantic, right?! Engagement photography sessions are included in every wedding photography collection that I offer. Engagement photography sessions are essential to getting the best possible wedding photos! It allows the bride and groom to see my process first hand in a laid-back setting. A notable difference between me and a lot of wedding and family photographers is that my techniques include a very hands off approach. While I do make sure everyone is in the best light and looking amazing, I like to let your own relationship shine. There is always less of me and more of you that makes these images special and stand out! The way Kyle watches Krissy with pride, the way Krissy laughs whole heartedly at his jokes... that is what makes the images the most beautiful. There is nothing cookie cutter about these very personal photos!

engaged couple at putt putt course

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Monday, Oct 20, 2014 - 2 comments

Laura and Kyle are Engaged!

Here are some of my favorites from my session with Laura and Kyle. I absolutely loved them! Laura was adorable and so sweet, and Kyle was totally smitten. They couldn’t stop smiling and making each other laugh! So cute! We found this amazing, magical area to take photos in, but really, their chemistry is the most beautiful thing about these! It’s so neat to photograph awesome people like this. Their magnetism transcends and takes over the image and makes you fall in love with them, too.

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Monday, Dec 2, 2013 - No Comments!

Jen and Zane are Engaged!

Jen and Zane took me off-roading for the first time during our engagement shoot. I may have let out some really embarrassing shrieks from fear that their giant truck was about to tip over. Or not. No one is telling! I can't wait to see these two amazing people get married! They are so much fun and absolutely hilarious to listen to.

Meet Jen and Zane!