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Wednesday, Sep 19, 2018 - Comments Off on The Ash Family – Woodland Family Photography

The Ash Family – Woodland Family Photography

I believe family photography should be custom fitted to your own unique family! It should fit your personality, and be something that you and your family will treasure for many, many decades. Woodland locals, the Ash Family, personalized their photography session by focusing on what they spend their free time doing the most together. The kids (Gavin, Sweden, and Emilia) spend a lot of time playing outside on the tree swing in their front yard, Gavin and Brian spend time together tinkering and building the coolest projects together, and everyone in this family is an amazing artist!

Woodland Make-up artist, Veronica Gersalia was inspired by Julia's natural red hair and created a soft and natural look, with some brilliant golden tones to highlight her gorgeous eyes! Having a professional make-up artist helps to ease the anxiety that so many of us get when we are put in front of a camera. Book a complimentary consultation for your family now!

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Wednesday, Sep 12, 2018 - No Comments!

The Sullivans- Sacramento Family Photography

Fall is right around the corner here in Sacramento! I've harvested four pumpkins, heard the leaves rattling down the street, and have enjoyed the peaceful and quiet mornings while the kids are at school. Fall is a great time for family photography with all the beautiful Fall colors and cooler temperatures.

Katrina and I met on a garden tour at the amazing Park Winters. If you haven't been there, you are missing out! It is an amazing gem tucked away in the country side of Yolo County. Rafael showed us his beautiful gardens and taught us so much about his landscape design. Did you know carrots will produce flowers? If you are into gardening at all you need to sign up for one of their monthly tours. It is only a few minutes from Woodland, Davis, or Winters and it is the swankiest wedding venue around!

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Wednesday, Dec 4, 2013 - 8 comments

At Home With the Grays

Last week I came over to the Grays for a family session. They were running behind schedule (like pretty much every family with four kids, I'm sure!) so the outfits that had been planned for the photo shoot didn't get put on. Left over spider man face paint didn't get washed off. And then the boys started making mud pies and got mud everywhere. And then Henley ate some.

A mothers worst nightmare, right?

Maybe. But it was real! And absolutely wonderful. This is what the Gray family looks like, and they are beautiful. I believe with all my heart that perfect photos are not about pretty perfect people who have it all together. No, I believe it's about capturing the love and emotion and excitement and the personalities in the photo! Mud and all!

Check out the Grays!

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Meet Baby Hunter!

There is something magical about photographing new parents. It brings me back to when I became a mother, and those early days that were so exciting and terrifying and sleep deprived. Marissa and Arek are going to be champion parents though, and one day they're going to blink and Hunter will be a bonafide kid riding his bike and playing baseball and going to school. And when that happens, Marissa and Arek will have these photos to look back and remember their beautiful fresh newborn.