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Krissy and Kyle – Engagement Photography

This week I was able to photograph Krissy and Kyle at the same place they went for their first date! How romantic, right?! Engagement photography sessions are included in every wedding photography collection that I offer. Engagement photography sessions are essential to getting the best possible wedding photos! It allows the bride and groom to see my process first hand in a laid-back setting. A notable difference between me and a lot of wedding and family photographers is that my techniques include a very hands off approach. While I do make sure everyone is in the best light and looking amazing, I like to let your own relationship shine. There is always less of me and more of you that makes these images special and stand out! The way Kyle watches Krissy with pride, the way Krissy laughs whole heartedly at his jokes... that is what makes the images the most beautiful. There is nothing cookie cutter about these very personal photos!

engaged couple at putt putt course

Krissy and Kyle had their first date at Scandia! They even have their score cards framed and hanging in their home. Insert "Awww"s here! It seemed only natural that they would want engagement photography at the same place! They played both courses and tied on both! Let me tell you guys, these kids might look super sweet, but don't let that fool you! They each play to win! During our session, they threw shade at each other like the best of them. Of course, every time I paused the game to prompt them for an image, the sweet lovebirds turned down the competition and turned up the charm.

After the putt-putt game, we went inside and checked out the arcade; Krissy's favorite part. They played an old western saloon game, rode a motorcycle, and fit inside the tiniest clown car! The favorite, however, was air hocky. Air hockey is the best arcade game ever. Skeeball is a close second, but air hocky is the ultimate challenge for any couple. Air hockey will bring the inner competitor out of anyone! Krissy and Kyle, who are already fairly comfortable being competitive with each other [understatement] were no different. It was so much fun to watch them, especially when the puck would get hit a little too hard and go flying off the table!

Krissy's look was put together by Vero and replicated the aesthetic of Kalissi from Game of Thrones which is Krissy and Kyle's favorite show. The intricate hair design had lots of smaller braids and cascading curls. The make-up was soft and natural with a shimmery lip. Vero did an amazing job recreating exactly what Krissy had in mind! Engagement sessions are the perfect time to try out a make-up artist, since every session comes with complimentary hair and make-up! It is the perfect test run for a particular look!

photos from engagement photography session

Overall, this engagement session was one for the books! Thank you, Krissy and Kyle! I can not wait for your big day!

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