While shooting weddings, I apply my documentary-style approach and artistic flair. I catch all the big and small moments of your day and create totally unique and gorgeous photos.


These in home sessions are all about what your family life looks like right now. Children grow up and their habits and passions will be exchanged for new ones, so I document them now so that you can remember it all.


The first few weeks with your new addition are a glorious, sleep-deprived haze. This shoot records all of the beautiful fleeting moments of your new daily life together.


I will photograph your labor experience in a way that will show how beautiful and fierce your birth story is while being non-intrusive. These once in a lifetime photos include when you first meet your child face to face, and the first two hours of his life.

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Q: When can I expect to have my photos?
A: Within 4 weeks of your session.

Q: What should we wear?
A: Whatever makes you feel beautiful and comfortable! 

Q: Why are your family sessions at home? 
A: Is there anything quite as magical as childhood at home? There is such tremendous beauty in the everyday life of your family. Making pancakes with mom, watching cartoons, riding your bike out front or getting messy with art projects and mud pies… This is the good life, and it happens at home! I want to photograph natural moments of your real life for you and the best place to do that is the comfort of your own space. 

Q: What is your photography style?
A: Candid and documentary in nature. Personal, fun and laid back while being emotive and honest.