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The Sullivans- Sacramento Family Photography

Fall is right around the corner here in Sacramento! I've harvested four pumpkins, heard the leaves rattling down the street, and have enjoyed the peaceful and quiet mornings while the kids are at school. Fall is a great time for family photography with all the beautiful Fall colors and cooler temperatures.

Katrina and I met on a garden tour at the amazing Park Winters. If you haven't been there, you are missing out! It is an amazing gem tucked away in the country side of Yolo County. Rafael showed us his beautiful gardens and taught us so much about his landscape design. Did you know carrots will produce flowers? If you are into gardening at all you need to sign up for one of their monthly tours. It is only a few minutes from Woodland, Davis, or Winters and it is the swankiest wedding venue around!

family photography of the sullivan family

Katrina and her family live in an adorable small home. She is instafamous for her blog where she showcases her talent of design even in tight spaces. One of the highlights of the lifestyle family photography session was getting pampered by Veronica Marshall for her hair and make-up. Having a professional licensed make up artist can really help a mom relax before her session! Therefore, I offer this service free of charge when you book with me!

The youngest Sullivan boy, Avery, showed me all of his favorite things in his room. His robot dinosaurs were a big hit, as well as his dinosaur encyclopedia, and his dinosuar planter with adorable succulents! Personally, I loved the bright rainbow pompoms dropped over the shelf. Avery was energetic and SO sweet! He often held my hand and snuggled with me throughout our time together. I think we are definitely friends for life now!

Tabari, Katrina and Hasani's oldest son, is in his freshman year of college and is into film making. He likes action-thrillers the most right now. He was really sweet with his little brother, and even though there was an age gap, he was never annoyed with the little ball of energy! Well, at least he never showed it!

Hasani was obviously smitten with his dolled up wife and talked about how excited he was to take her to the movies after the session. They couldn't decide which move to see; the new horror flick or the suspenseful thriller. It cracked me up the whole time because Katrina did NOT want to see the horror film, but seemed open to it. Love makes us do some crazy things! 😍😍😍

So if you want some unique, gorgeous family photography, set up your complimentary consultation with Bethany Petrik Photography!

Sullivan family photography in Sacramento

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